Concierge Care Therapy

Concierge Care Therapy

Concierge Care Therapy is a specialty mental health service that occurs in a convenient location of the client’s choosing. It is designed to extend the opportunity for exclusive therapy services and continuity of care to an individual who otherwise cannot, or chooses not to, partake in traditional weekly sessions. Concierge services are designed for the individual who is extremely busy due to a demanding schedule filled with myriad professional/personal/social obligations and/or frequent out-of-town travel. Concierge services can also prove to be invaluable for the individual who requires utmost privacy from the media or prefers off-site sessions for increased comfort and convenience. The Concierge Care experience is based on a monthly subscription     (3, 6 and 9-month packages) and is made available to a limited number of individuals to ensure each client receives the utmost attention and care.

The Acute Concierge Care experience is designed to extend the privileges of Concierge Care services to the individual who may require a temporary increase in therapeutic support and services due to a distressing personal or professional event. Examples may include, yet are not limited to, distress due to changes in family structure (e.g., separation, divorce, death, birth, adoption, etc.), impending work deadlines or obligations, career re-evaluation, job burnout, or career transition.

Concierge Care Advantage

Concierge Care is custom-designed and will always reflect what the client needs in the moment. Dr. Brown limits the number of Concierge Care clients she accepts. This gives her the freedom to focus on providing the highest level of quality, personalized service, and direct accessibility to Concierge clients. Dr. Brown responds to all Concierge client communications within 24 hours. She is typically able to see Concierge clients in her office within 48 hours of a request. As a Concierge Care client, you will be given top scheduling priority for booking individual sessions. You will have access to mental health treatment in a convenient location, whether it is in your home, office, or another location of your choosing*.

*Please Note: The initial consultation to assess client needs and determine whether Concierge Care is a good fit typically occurs in Dr. Brown’s office.

Additional Concierge Care Advantages:

  • Evening and weekend appointments available
  • Access to 15-minute telephone “check-ins” between scheduled appointments
  • Access to Dr. Brown via exclusive Concierge Care email, telephone, and videoconferencing sessions
  • Full 60-minute therapy sessions as opposed to the standard 45-50 minutes

Get in touch if you have any questions

If you are interested in learning more about Concierge Care Therapy, contact Dr. Brown today to schedule a complimentary 15 -minute consultation.