Dr. Marsha D. Brown Psychologist

Dr. Marsha D. Brown

Dr. Marsha D. Brown is a Florida Licensed Psychologist with specializations in forensic and clinical psychology. She has extensive experience in the assessment, evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment of children, adolescents, adults, and families across a variety of settings. Forensically, she conducts psychological evaluations in family, criminal, and civil court matters to address issues such as parenting capacity, time-sharing, substance use, psychological functioning, sanity, competence, risk, mitigation, malingering, and personal injury/damages. Clinically, she conducts psychological assessments and individual therapy for adolescents and adults presenting with a number of struggles including adjustment to a new or changing family structure (e.g., separation, divorce, etc.), stress and anxiety-related disorders, anger management, and several other emotional challenges.

In addition to her clinical work, Dr. Brown has taught a variety of topics at the university, graduate school, and professional levels. She served as an Adjunct Instructor at John Jay College of Criminal Justice in New York City for eight years. At John Jay, she taught undergraduate and graduate courses in psychopathology, clinical assessment, analysis of criminal behavior, multicultural psychology, and several other areas.

Currently, Dr. Brown’s teaching focuses on professionals from a variety of disciplines. Using her years of clinical, teaching, and research experience, Dr. Brown developed presentations addressing topics including stress and mental health management, cultural competence in forensic and clinical interviewing and assessment, evaluation bias, and mental health assessment. She has presented the above at numerous conferences and venues throughout the State of Florida. In addition to the above, Dr. Brown is currently a member of the teaching faculty of the Broward County Sheriff’s Office (BSO) Crisis Intervention Training program which works to improve interactions between law enforcement and community members in mental health crisis.

Dr. Brown also works with community and media organizations to increase education and awareness on various topics related to mental health, culture, and bias. Please see “Dr. Brown in the Media” for a selection of articles and videos featuring Dr.  Brown.

Dr. Brown is available to present lectures and workshops focusing on a number of topics, including those listed above. For more information on working with Dr. Brown, please select the “Contact Dr. Brown” tab.

Dr. Marsha Brown - Psychologist

Forensic Services

Dr. Brown offers a wide variety of forensic services including evaluation, assessment, consultation

Clinical Services

Clinical Services

Dr. Brown offers a variety of clinical services for adolescents and adults struggling with a broad range of psychological

Dr. Marsha Brown Concierge Care Therapy

Concierge Care Therapy

Concierge Care Therapy is a specialty mental health service that occurs in a convenient location of the client’s choosing. 

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